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Request a Therapist

Do you have an urgent need?   Would you like to request a Therapist get back to you for assistance with this issue?   Is there no therapist listed that you feel could help you, but would like to request assistance? 


Please take a moment to post a question here on this page to ask for assistance, with a brief description of your needs.  We will get on your request and work on finding someone capable of providing assistance for you.


Requesting a Special Therapist

If you need help finding the correct therapist please create a question here, like this one ( this one is an example ) to help us show therapists that you are looking for help.     We will work with our network and show them your request, and work to get you conected.   You do not need an account to post the request, but create one so that when we do find a correct match we can get you connect and provide the assistance you need.       Be as specific as needed to help ...

Luke Shields Luke Shields
asked 07/01/2020 02:25
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