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I help parents connect with the spiritual energy of their uniquely gifted child and give you solid strategies for balanced and connected parenting. Start with a Free 10-minute consultation to see how you and your child can benefit. Please email me at julie@soulsensewellbeing.co.uk

I found this article on Psychology today and I wanted to share it with you. I am finding that many new clients are suggesting that they have feelings of depression, but what is depression. This article is highly informative and if you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed below, I am available for a chat. Please email me at jdjcounselling@gmail.com

These are challenging times for our mental health. The Coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty around our health, our loved ones, a change to our routine and job insecurity has left many of us feeling anxious.

Do you ever find yourself following a certain train of thought, without consciously deciding to go down that path, that takes you to a sad or upsetting conclusion? It’s an automatic process and we are usually completely unaware of our distortions and how they affect our lives. But it can be a scary place.

Do you feel like you are spiralling out of control? Are you worried about your mental health? Well, you’re not alone!

Whatever our age or situation in life, we do not have to suffer alone.