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I found this article on Psychology today and I wanted to share it with you. I am finding that many new clients are suggesting that they have feelings of depression, but what is depression. This article is highly informative and if you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed below, I am available for a chat. Please email me at jdjcounselling@gmail.com

Julie Dawn Jones from JDJCounselling being interviewed by Bernadette Bruckner on WRS MRS Radio Station. It’s the station where we can open up meaningful, helpful and constructive conversation. See what Julie has to say

With the uncertainty of this unprecedented crisis, I've seen increasing levels of anxiety in people who are typically able to cope with challenges in a level-headed manner. They’re letting their worst fears guide them instead of their best thinking. My job is to help people figure out how to stay thoughtful, calm, and able to solve problems as the news about COVID-19 changes daily, and often hourly.

There is a movement in positive psychology toward what’s called “radical acceptance”. That means focusing on gratitude, and resonating with the positive. And with good reason: it works! People are improving their quality of life because of these techniques.

Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behaviour.

Food for thought?

Having an eating problem can be very hard to cope with, but it’s important to understand that eating problems aren’t just about food.

In this post I will outline reasons I think all couples who intend to make a long-term commitment to each other should consider:

We know how our actions can have a positive or negative affect on our health but have we thought about how our partner’s actions might affect our health?

We are living in extraordinary times and on the verge of yet another lockdown. How will we manage and is there any room for a thing called happiness in our lives? I found this article in Psychology today and thought I would share with you.

I work with people and families that struggle with addictions and have for many years. I wanted to highlight the concerns of many such as C. Drummond and the worsening crisis of addiction in the UK.

My first post

Welcome everyone

EU Mental Health Funding

A quick video with details about the disruptions in Mental Health Services

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Testimonial for Julie

A testimonial video for Julie Ferris from SoulSense Wellbeing.

A Thought for Now

Small insights to support you in times of big change.

The Why, Where and How of Meditation.

Suicidal Facts and Statistics